We are now Fine Free!

Starting January 22nd, the London Public Library is going fine free! We are eliminating overdue fees on all borrowed materials.

Why are we going fine free?
Our goal is to eliminate barriers that might prevent people from accessing the library’s materials. By eliminating overdue fees, we will help ensure that everyone is able to enjoy all of the services the library offers. We hope this will encourage prior patrons to come back to the library and attract others to experience what we have to offer.

Here’s how it works:
* Fees will still be charged for lost or damaged items.
* Items will be considered lost 21 days after they are due.
* Accounts with more than 5 items overdue will be blocked from checking out materials.
* Accounts with fees of $10.00 or more will be blocked from checking out materials.

For more information or for questions about your account, please call or stop by the Service Desk.