Caring Corner

The London Public Library’s Care Bags are evolving into a Caring Corner!
What makes the Caring Corner different? 
While the Care Bags have a blanket, hat, gloves, hygiene items, and some food and water, the Caring Corner is currently filled with non-perishable food items that patrons can take as needed! 
The hope is to grow the Caring Corner into a space that can house both perishable and non-perishable food items for patrons in need.
The Caring Corner is located in the Reading Room and is available to all, no need to ask if you can take something. If you need it, take it.
If you would like to donate anything to our Caring Corner for the community, please give any and all items to one of our librarians at the front desk. We kindly ask that if you wish to donate food that it is non-perishable at this time as we have no way to properly store perishable products. Thank you!